small group training

Small Group Training is a good way to get together with the crew in a healthy pursuit, get great accountability and hands in coaching for a fraction of the price of 1 on 1. We focus on mobility, conditioning, core-strength and basic kickboxing training!
When you’re building a house, you start with the foundation, and fitness is no different. We build the movement patterns, mobility, basic strength and mindset you NEED to establish and then we level up as your progress dictates. If you don’t know where to start in your fitness journey, we have the answer.

Private Small Groups from 2-8 people are welcome, we can build a schedule, workout plan and rate structure around your group’s needs! Assemble your squad and reach out, we’re ready to get you started!

Contact Jordan today if you have any questions about what YOUR next move should be. Let’s build the best YOU that you can be!

COACHES/TRAINERS! Our space is available for private rentals if you have any groups that you’re looking for a place to train! Contact us for more info and availability and see how Essential Fitness Studio will be a great fit for you