Kids KickBoxing

The Essential Fitness Kids Kickboxing program is a fun, challenging and positive way for children and youth to begin a lifelong journey into fitness and martial arts! We build the skills of discipline, respect, focus and effort into the physical applications of conditioning, mobility, balance and technique that are essential in the sport of kickboxing. We have lots of fun but keep our focus, and consider ourselves very fortunate to be a factor in the growth and development of some amazing young humans!

As your child trains, we are able to offer opportunities for sparring in-house as well as local competitions with athletes from other gyms, so they are able to test their skills and compete, just as they are able to do in any other sport!

We are also building transcendent skills and mindsets such as:

our Class

KickBoxing Classes

KickBoxing Classes

Contact Jordan today to get more details and set up a Trial Class to confirm that our program is a great fit for YOUR Little Superhero and let’s help them find THEIR POWER!!